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Fine Art Prints & Note Cards

Fine art prints are offered of many of the images shown here.  Fine art prints are the highest quality rendering of photographic images. They are printed on high grade papers by state-of-the-art processes, and mounted with museum quality archival materials. 

To inquire about or order a print, please use the feedback page and specify the image number and print size along with your contact information, and I will get back to you on arrangements.  You may also use an e-mail, s-mail, or telephone connection.

The following paragraphs cover print materials, presentation, edition limits, price and note cards.

Print Materials and Preparations 

Prints may be either custom color enlargements, laser generated photographic prints, or UltraChrome® ink prints ).  All are museum quality archival prints that when properly displayed will provide many decades of enjoyment.

Custom color prints are made from 35mm negatives or slides by way of 4x5 internegatives. They are individual custom prints, made by hand, generally on Kodak professional printing papers; they are subject to minor variations between printing batches   

Laser prints are made from digital scans or captures and are true photographic prints made using one of several state-of-the-art printers: Lightjet 5000, Chromera, Lambda, or similar printers.  They have greater sharpness, color accuracy, and dynamic range. 

UltraChrome® prints are prepared with Epson's pigmented inks on fine-art papers. They provide rich, beautifully textured prints that are believed to have longer life with out fading than photographic prints.

Laser and UltraChrome prints are digitally processed. This provides the fullest representation on paper of the original image capture.  Paper can only register about 70 percent of the dynamic range of original capture (film or digital) -- either shadows or highlights suffer.  Digital processing, more easily than wet darkroom processing,  can compress the image density range to fit the paper density range.  Of course, other manipulations can also be done in the course of digital processing.  In my work, this may include occasional cleanup of extraneous background material in addition to 'range fitting'. Unless otherwise stated, images are of subjects as originally seen -- there is no distortion of the subject and its relevant environment.  If significant changes are made to an image, it is characterized as a photo-illustration


Mounting boards and mattes are museum type, archival grade, acid free materials. Prints are attached by hinging or with photo-compatible adhesive. Mattes are linen hinged to allow differential expansion and also for easy changing of the matte if desired to fit individual décor. Note however, that the title, edition number, and artists signature are on the matte unless otherwise instructed.

The standard matte is a white 8-ply board (i.e., it is double the standard matte thickness).  In a sense this is not standard because 8-ply mattes are rather unusual and difficult to make.  However, its extra depth adds to the quality of the image presentation.  In a few cases, two standard thickness mattes may be used, generally to add a colored inner border.  Other treatments are available on request. 

Frames are generally metal with a black or pewter anodized finish.  They provide a 3/8 to 1/2 inch boarder to the matted print.  Other type frames are available by special arrangement.

The front plane of  pictures is a framers plastic. This provides a UV barrier, is light weight, and is best for public displays and for shipping, even though it is more expensive than glass.

The plastic is also a good material for home use. But it tends to collect dust and cannot be cleaned with ammonia based cleaners. For home use, glass may be more attractive. The plastic can easily be changed to glass.  Glass can be requested if extra shipping insurance is added; any of several glasses can be used ranging from standard (no add cost other than insurance) to special anti-reflective and UV-barrier types (which can be very expensive).

Edition Limits

Print editions are limited in number to between 12 and 70 pieces (generally 60) as indicated on the front and/or back. This applies to all prints sized 8x10in and larger. Smaller print sizes are outside the edition specification and not limited in number; this includes such things as notecards and postcards.  In some cases images may be licensed for special purposes other than for art-print distribution, and this is also outside the edition specification. Images developed in partnership with Jim Wright and Jerry Barrack are offered in unlimited editions.


Most images are available in different sizes and the prints are mounted, matted, and framed as outlined below.  The size used for reference and pricing is that of the print not the matte/mount.  Print pricing depends on size, edition limit, framing, and image class. The image class is a reflection of subject difficulty or rarity, as well as exhibition recognition and awards.  Frames are a simple metal edging with spring type anchors. Alternative mounting, framing, or unframed treatments are available.

Prices for each size and image class are listed in the table below. There may be some exceptions and prices are subject to change. At some shows, prices may be higher if significant transportation costs are involved. Prints having dimensions other than those shown will generally be priced based on the next larger long dimension. (Prices are subject to NJ sales tax.)

Unframed $30 80 165 180 260 350 440
Framed $45 105 200 215 310 410 520

Note Cards 

There are four sets of boxed note cards; they are blank inside and include one extra envelope.  Set one is from the heron/egret series: the cards are 5x7 inches and the box contains ten cards -- two each of five images.  All other sets are 4¼x5½ inch cards and contain twelve cards each with a different image.  Set two is of a general variety of birds, set three is of ducks, and set four is of hummingbirds.  These cards are four-color lithographic offset press prints.  All sets are available for $15 plus shipping. 

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