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I know I've missed many good sites.  These are sites that I have used recently or people with whom I have had personal contact.  They are grouped roughly by instruction/reference, organizations, photographers, and locations/activities.


Instructional and Reference

Arthur Morris / Birds as Art.  Art is a great bird photographer and an excellent teacher. I highly recommend his photo instructional tours, his books (the best for bird work), and his art prints.

Moose Peterson / Wildlife Research Photography.  Moose is well known for his wildlife photographs, which include many birds.  His news letter is well done and very informative, as are his books on wildlife photography. He also runs instructional training sessions.

Bird Watching Magazine. (Formerly Birder's World) An excellent magazine on birding.  The online site carries archives of many features.

The Virtual Birder.  An online resource for birders and photographers.

BirdPhotography.net. Reviews, articles, critiques, portfolios, news, questions/answers about bird and outdoor photography, with comments by Art Morris.

Nature Photographers. An online magazine for nature photographers including a readers forum and galleries.

Nature Photographer Magazine. This is a "how-to" magazine, published bimonthly in print form, intended for nature photographers and nature enthusiasts who range from beginners to professionals. The web site provides a sampling of its contents.

Nature's Best Magazine is one of the most beautifully presented publications in the market.  It features great images from photographers worldwide.  It conducts several contests throughout the year and hosts an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute.

One reference for photographic training in general and degree programs -- an overview of schools: Photography Degrees,  a site which is compiled by Lauren Herrin for those interested in careers in photography.



Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a great general resource on ornithology and conservation, and includes an online bird guide.  

National Audubon Society.  The national organizations home page, with headings on conservation, birds and science, books, and local Audubon groups.

New Jersey Audubon Society.  Not to slight other Audubon chapters, but I am most involved in New Jersey, so I list this one.  Others may be found under the National site.

Rockland Audubon Society.  This another is a very active group providing lectures, field trips, and important conservation information.

Smithsonian Institution, Division of Birds.  Provides information on birds around the world, and photographs by the staff and associates.

National Geographic Society.  Well known organization with many resources. 

NANPA  North American Nature Photography Association.  Lots of information about nature photography and photographers, and resources for photographers.

The Wilderness Society.  The Wilderness Society works to protect America's wilderness and to develop a nation-wide network of wild lands through public education, scientific analysis and advocacy.  Often carries articles and photographs related to birding.

i-bird.com. An international birding information resource.  Very extensive data on birds and sites.  The web site is currently being up-dated and should be checked periodically.

Other Bird and Nature Photographers

Brian K. Wheeler. Known especially for his work on raptors. Great photographs and drawings.  Among other things, Brian provides detailed information on raptors at all stages of their development from juvenile to adult.

Darrell Miller. Darrell presents many great photographs on this site -- from his photo trips in many areas.  Very high quality images for a web presentation.

Shaw Carey. Specializes in multi-image slide shows for birders and workshops on bird photography.

Kevin T. Karlson.  A New Jersey photographer who is a frequent contributor to many birding magazines.   Kevin lectures, conducts workshops, and leads tours -- his work is spectacular.

Russ Kerr has a site called "Majesty of Birds" with great images and prints for sale.  His flight shots are superb.

Robert Royce has lots of great images of birds.  The site is a simple listing but it's worth going through for the images.

Don Cohen has many images on display, many from the tours and teaching he does. I have had great experiences working with Don in Costa Rica.

Roy Toft has many galleries featuring wildlife of all types, including many birds. Roy leads many photographic trips to Costa Rica (and elsewhere) and has a very fine book about the OSA peninsula. 

Alan Murphy conducts workshops and teaches about bird photography.  His special interest is in pairing gorgeous perches with beautiful birds, showcasing their natural environment with simple elegance. 

Joe & Mary Ann McDonald are well known for their safaris, workshops, and images. I have had great reports from friends who have traveled with them.  They cover all types of wildlife, including birds.

John Reiter is a local friend whose web site contains many of his file wildlife images.  John was Nature's Best Magazine Grand Prize winner in 2010. His photography includes many types of nature and wildlife images.  

Chris Dei is another local friend whose web site illustrates her very distinctive style highlighting images of Africa. 

Joanne Williams presents all types of nature photography including birds.


Locations and Activities

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  This the FWS home page with connections to all regions and news of activities.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service-Southeast.  This is a link to their listing of publications for sites in the southeast region.  There are many useful online publications.

National Wildlife Refuge System.  Information is also available from  GORP,  and L.L. Bean Park Search.

J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge, FL.  One on the great locations for birding and photography.

Cape May Bird Observatory, NJ.  A center tracking and coordinating many activities for birding in particular and conservation in general.

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, NJ.  Also known as the Brigantine Sanctuary, this is a drive-thru site that provides great opportunities for photographers. 

Middleton's Fish Camp, FL.  The main site at Blue Cypress Lake, Vero Beach, FL where there are excellent opportunities to see and photograph ospreys.

Flat Rock Brook, NJ.  A small park in northeastern New Jersey which is especially good for photographing water birds.

The Celery Farm Nature Area, NJ.  Maintained by the Fyke Nature Association, this 107 acre freshwater wetland in Bergen County New Jersey is a great place for birders and photographers. 

First Bridge Marina, NJ.  This marina, run by Rusty Draper, is great for kayak tours through the marsh lands around Great Bay, NJ.  Officially in Tuckerton, NJ, it is physically out on the Great Bay Blvd.

Aqua Trails, NJ. This is a kayak nature tour operation in Cape May area which goes through a salt marsh ecosystem. It is run by Mike and Lisa Bernstein, though I know of it through Jeff Martin. 

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