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About Douglas Goodell Photography

I have been involved with scientific photography most of my life. This technical background, plus artistic and wildlife interests came together when I retired from a research establishment in 1998. At that time I got hooked on nature photography and birds in particular.

I found that birds in the wild are wonderful subjects for photography. They provide both beautiful subjects and opportunity for interesting and sometimes unusual image creations. The challenge is in both the subject, action, and the surrounding environment – finding the right combination of elements to make a good composition. This often involves learning the bird’s behavior and making repeated contact. In some cases many sessions are required, working day after day, to gain enough acceptance to be able to get close enough to finally capture the desired shot. It can also involve working under very uncomfortable conditions.

As my work evolved, I was fortunate to study with noted bird photographer Arthur Morris who helped to enhance my interest and skills in this rather specialized area. Eventually I was able to setup a small photographic business selling fine art prints. This also led to lecturing and exhibiting in many venues around the country. All of this has provided wonderful experiences and opportunities to meet many fascinating people..

In the course of working with fine art prints, I became involved with the development of photographic books about natural history and conservation subjects. The first was with Jim Wright and Jerry Barrack, In the Presence of Nature, for which I was a contributor. It was published in 2003 by Camino Books, Inc of Philadelphia, PA. In 2005 the three of us published Duck Enough to Fly, a story for children about wood duck chicks taking their first big step into the world. Next, also working with Jim and Jerry, this time in rainforests of Belize and Guatemala, we developed a natural history art book, Jungle of the Maya, which was published by The University of Texas Press in 2006. This work expended my activities beyond just birds, to include many other types of wildlife and nature photography ranging from macro to landscape subjects.

In 2004 I started working with Marco Saborio in Costa Rica developing material for another natural history photo book: Nature's Paradise — Costa Rica. This was completed in 2011 and published by Brio Books of Minneapolis, MN. After their bankruptcy the book was taken over by Nature Arts Press and is now distributed in North America by Atlas Books. This and the earlier books can be found in the Books link.

As for personal information, my wife Debby and I live in Ridgewood New Jersey. We have both been active bird watchers with Deb doing much of the spotting and identification while I work to capture the subject on film. In fact I transitioned to digital captures in 2003 and have greatly appreciated the added capabilities afforded my the modern technology. Least anyone wonder, I do use post-capture digital processing tools – they are absolutely necessary in order to properly render images for print media. I do not, however, manipulate natural subjects or their relevant environment. Additionally, I focus on subjects in their wild natural habitat, and when captive subjects are necessary, they are clearly identified as such.


As a final note, I wish to reiterate the tutorial contribution of Arthur Morris.  I have been photographing on and off for many years, but it was the instruction, enthusiasm, critique, and friendship of Art that inspired the level of work shown here and keeps pushing me to do better.  Art's photos, books, and tours are in the links page, along with many other valuable and interesting connections to photographers, birders, and locations.


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