Douglas Goodell Photography

"Day's End"

Great Blue Heron at Indian River Estates, Vero Beach, FL

A beautiful scene with the heron in a bottle-brush tree looking across the lake with the low evening sun highlighting water and shoreline. I had been working on this bird for several weeks, so he was acclimated to me. Hence, along with my wife, I was able to approach for several shots without disturbing him.  Gold-100 film with a 200-400 lens at f-5.6 and 1/30. 

Prints are available in sizes up to 26x32.
Edition is 26 prints (8x10 and larger).

Image No. 8704027

Back ] Next ] This image is subject to one of the classic problems of negative film -- lack of absolute color reference.  It has been printed with highlights on the orange side (as here) and  sometimes more on the yellow side.  I have now digitally mastered the image to give consistent colors. 
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